Startup Life

Building a house

There are many startups using a blog to take you with them on their journey building up their company. Building a house might be most unusual for a first step for a startup. But that's what we are doing right now, and I feel like it's worth following these events, too. So we are going to use this blog not only to let you participate in our journey of growing our business, but also in our journey to build a new home from scratch.

And this is also the story of a group of friends who have been working together since many years and now feel like building up their version of a developer's paradise. An office truly worth living and working in. How does that look like? How do we need to plan the building? Is there going to be a cafe downstairs? Can we make this a vital local spot for creatives, makers and startups? Do we build a stage as well?
How does the perfect interior design and equipment look like?

So stay tuned with nerdy house building details.